Building Better Habits

The smallest habits make the biggest impact.

Do you need to break an old habit or build a new one? Allow the power of writing for wellbeing take you in a new direction.

It’s a good idea to get used to change if you’d like to start something new or shed an old pesky habit. Introducing a very small regular habit into your life before undertaking larger changes can be a good way of doing this.

Decide for one week not to eat a biscuit with your daily brew. Stick to it and prove to yourself you can do it. This will boost your confidence just enough to try something more challenging.

Carolyn-Jess Cooke is the founder of the Writing Depression Project and course creator for WriteWell.

‘Often bad habits come out of a stressful period as a way of coping, and by the time you recognise their effects it feels seriously difficult to change’.

It’s easy to get into a pattern of negative choices that help for a short while but end up negatively impacting the quality of your life as you move forward. Carolyn believes it is important to reflect inwards to break old habits and create new ones. Soften your thinking towards yourself. Soften your ‘should’s’ and quieten your ‘shouldn’ts’.

Grab a pen and some paper or open the note section on your phone and write a response to the title of this poem by Ellen Bass – The World Has Need Of You

Is there something you’ve written that struck you or makes you appreciate you more? Can you build on any of those things you’ve written down and create a small positive habit of change?

Try not leaving the article until you pick one thing from your list.

Smile more. Cultivate honesty. Take more quiet time for yourself. Worry less. Have more faith. Believe in yourself to help believe in something bigger than yourself.

This August why not try WriteWell’s uniquely designed Building Better Habits course to discover more about the power of writing and delve deeper.

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