Building resilience for your mental wellbeing

Mental resilience is the ability to adapt to uncertainty and cope during challenging times. How can you strengthen your resilience? Read on to discover how.

Resilience isn’t something we think about very often. It is only when a life-altering event happens and knocks us off course, that we discover if we are able to cope or not.

Things that test our resilience in life can be a family member going through an illness or the ending of a relationship. And so life continually tests our ability to bounce back or worse, crumble under its weight.

It is therefore worth thinking about resilience and working towards building your strength of character should the winds of change send you in a different direction.

Building strength of character doesn’t always have to come by way of challenges.

We are creative beings with the power to manifest all and everything we attract into our lives, through the power of thought and feeling.

And so, even if our life is going swimmingly well, untouched trauma, which is stored as memories in our cellular body, can surprise us when we least expect it.

One way to face those stored memories is to explore the benefits of therapeutic writing.

Journaling is a great way to tap into our inner world and can act as a gentle introduction to writing for wellbeing.

There are no rules of grammar or spelling to be concerned with. If you are looking for steady guidance and a structured writing model to help build resilience, why not try WriteWell’s Building Resilience 4-week writing course, created by a wellbeing expert?

Here’s a quick taster –

Choose one of the three objects that could be used as a metaphor to describe your own resilience – a rubber band, see-saw or lotus flower.

The rubber band comes in many sizes and strengths. Some are thin and some are thick. A see-saw might represent your ability to keep going as life goes up and down. The lotus flower is so resilient, it blossoms from the deepest, muddiest pond to present a most beautiful bloom. Whichever one you pick, write whatever comes to mind for 5 minutes without stopping.

Afterwards, read over what you have written. Were you surprised by something you noted? Are you more resilient than you think? Was there a time in life when you could have been more like a rubber band and allowed yourself to bend with the change, rather than resist it?

Building Resilience 4-week course created by Kate McBarron opens on May 1st. Take the course in your own time or follow along with the week-by-week instructions.

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