WriteWell Community Code of Conduct

It’s important that everyone feels welcome, safe and supported

We hope you’ll bring your courage, curiosity, respect and kindness to our community .

It’s important that everyone here feels welcome, safe and supported while exploring WriteWell, experimenting with writing, meeting new people and having conversations online.

To help us with this, we have a simple community code: Treat everyone you meet in WriteWell with respect and kindness.


What this means

Yes please

  • Be curious — explore, try the activities and ask questions
  • Show respect — be polite and listen to what others say
  • Be sensitive – and aware of the effects of your words on other people
  • Be inclusive — treat everyone equally, regardless of their background or level of experience
  • Act with kindness —sharing ideas and writing with other people is a brave step
  • Be patient and considerate — you never know how someone else is feeling
  • Act with empathy — flag anything others may find upsetting, so they can choose whether to read
  • Honour people’s privacy — our community content and discussions are private and confidential
  • Follow our terms and conditions below — they offer guidance on what to do, what not to do, and what might happen if you don’t follow them
  • Speak up if you’re not sure about something or have concerns — we’ll always listen and will treat your concerns in confidence

Please avoid

  • Making judgments or assumptions about other people or their writing
  • Knowingly and repeatedly acting in a way that makes people feel intimidated or humiliated (bullying)
  • Pretending to be anyone other than yourself on the forums
  • Copying or sharing other people's ideas or writing online or offline without their permission
  • Downloading, recording or sharing any WriteWell content


Who has to follow the WriteWell community code?

Our community code applies to all of us within WriteWell, equally. That includes everyone who subscribes, guests and the WriteWell team — including our community guides, tutors and the people who work behind the scenes. By subscribing to WriteWell you agree to follow this code.


What happens if someone doesn’t follow the code?

We’ll investigate it fairly and objectively to make sure we remain impartial and transparent in our advice and actions.

Most misunderstandings are a result of a lack of experience or awareness of how someone may be feeling and we’ll approach this accordingly. For example, someone makes a joke but another person finds it upsetting or offensive, so our WriteWell Guides may post a reminder of our code and check in privately with each person affected to listen and offer support and advice.

But for serious things we may need to take stronger steps to keep our community welcoming, supportive and safe. This may mean cancelling someone’s subscription. For example, if someone is bullying another person, if they target someone with hate speech, or if they break the law.

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