Creating space for Calm in your life

Can you imagine a tall vast mountain, full of snow peaks and low valleys. Where are you in your life right now? Are you right at the top of your mountain, with loads done and more to do? Or are you struggling to climb the mountain? And where would you like to get to?

When we are in a place of calm we are at our most productive. It is such a busy world with so many responsibilities and distractions. Slowing down is vital to our wellbeing. It’s been said less is more but I say less is better.

In today’s world the struggle for having it all means something has to give. The opposite of busyness is calm and so it’s time to priortise what stays and what goes.

Try this mindful writing exercise –

  • Think of clearing out your closet, removing the stuff that you just don’t need
  • Write down 5 things that don’t bring much joy into your life. It could be a friend that drains your energy or an activity you do that you don’t like all that much
  • If these things weren’t in your life anymore how much space would you have just to do nothing? Take note of that
  • Now go back to the mountain
  • Focus on the spot you picked which represents your life right now
  • Write about how you feel as you reflect on the world from this position without those 5 nagging issues dragging you down.

In many ways creating calm and making space for it in your life is a sort of discipline. There has to be tradeoffs, so that you can put energy into and see tremendous progress in the few things that matter most.

If writing for wellbeing sounds like something that will help you get to that place of calm, why not sign up to the WriteWell Community today and enjoy a free 2 week trial.

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