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Persistence is half the battle, Resilience makes up the other half

“A resilient person not only survives but thrives in an environment of change and uncertainty”

Do you have the emotional and mental flexibility to adjust to life’s demands? It’s important to note that being resilient requires a skill set that you can work on and grow over time. Building resilience takes time, strength, and help from people around you. Be prepared for setbacks along the way and know that it’s life experience that will help you become stronger.

How do you see your resilience today? If there was a metaphor or symbol to choose to help you measure your resilience what would it be?

Take a look at some of these ideas from our writing for wellbeing course ‘Building Resilience’ –

Are you a….


(the ability of a tree to bend and sway in response to the forces of nature suggests flexibility – a word which is closely linked with resilience)

rubber band

(the idea of bouncing back shows a person’s strength of being able to cope despite challenges arising)


(The lighthouse stands as a powerful symbol of resilience, often associated with guidance and hope during tumultuous times)

Choose one of these objects and write down why it has caught your attention. What does it say about you? Are you there yet and do you like the idea of maybe one day being as sturdy as a lighthouse, helping to guide others home? When you have finished recording your thoughts, check over what you have written. Do you feel less overwhelmed?

If a writing course designed specifically for resilience sounds appealing, why not sign up to the WriteWell Community today and enjoy a free 2 week trial?

Building Resilience opens June 3rd 2024.

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