Starting new habits the simple way

Many people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity. Brain fog, hazy memory and low energy can prevent us from trying new things or breaking old habits.

There are so many reasons why energy can be low and once you understand how food, water, chemicals and medication affect our bodies you can begin to take your power back and detox. If that seems too big an undertaking, start small by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. Make a small commitment by penning your intention to either make a new habit or break an old one. It is a small plan to help you break down the thought of it by acting it out.

New habits can be formed easily with repetition and frequency, so ignore the ticking of the clock and don’t let time get in your way.

Forming a new habit or breaking an old one does require effort at the beginning. After a short time effort is replaced with routine.

Commit your intention to paper by saying something like – I will ______ at (time) in (place)

So whether you are looking to get up earlier in the morning, stop smoking, start studying, decide the behaviour that’s needed, choose a time of day and location and start.

It might help to pin the intention to your bedroom wall which will help to absorb the task into the subconscious mind before sleep. This will speed up the change you desperately seek.

If you’d like to go further and devise a personal action plan to make changes, register for WriteWell’s Building Better Habits writing course.

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