What’s on: September 2022

There are lots of exciting activities coming up in our writing for wellbeing community this month, from live events and book of the month titles to writing prompts and four-week courses.

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Live Events

Live Zoom talks and writing workshops with authors and wellbeing experts.

    • Thursday 19 September @ 8:00PM
      Tell a story with award winning author Amanda Ray Epe
      Author and poet Amanda Ray Epe will use story to overcome the challenges of life.

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Explore writing for wellbeing with a friendly bunch of fellow writers on our four-week courses. We have several starting this month – here’s just a few of them:

    • Creating Calm (from Monday 5 September @ 9:00AM)
      During this four-week course, learn how to be more mindful and discover how writing can invite calmness into your life. (The course is available from 9am, but there’s no particular time you need to be online – you can start working through it at a time that suits you.)
    • Starting to Write Fiction 1 (from Monday 12 September @ 9:00AM)
      This course is a must for any budding fiction writer. Maybe you are writing fiction already and need more guidance to develop a story. Do join in and enjoy!
    • 7-day mindfulness challenge (from Monday 19 September @ (9:00AM)
      Join us for a 7 day online mindfulness challenge. Includes a short daily meditation practice and a small written task to bring about a deeper understanding of self awareness and a greater appreciation of you!
  • And plenty more!

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Community Connection

Join our weekly writing groups and mindfulness challenges. Includes a short daily meditation practice and written assignment each day.

    • Just Write Together (every Tuesday @ 10.45AM)
      Join Claire for a morning of mindful writing – a dedicated time in your calendar that you can look forward to and immerse yourself in writing.

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Just Write

Monthly prompts to kickstart your writing, with space to share work and chat with other writers.

    • August/September prompt: Crossing over
      August moves quietly into September which represents a time when summer and autumn meet. Neither season is dominant offering us more of a transitional period. Bridges are the perfect symbol for this time of year, when summer gently transitions into autumn. It’s a time when we walk ourselves over to the next season that awaits us.

Book of the month

See what we’re reading this month and join the discussion.

    • How to Live When You Could Be Dead by Dame Deborah James
      How to Live When You Could Be Dead will awaken you to question your life as if you didn’t have a tomorrow, and live it in the way you want to today. By harnessing the power of positivity and valuing each day as though it could be your last, you’ll find out, as Deborah did, that it is possible to live with joy and purpose, no matter what.

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