How to write with no rules

Have you tried writing with no rules?

If grammar, punctuation and spelling didn’t get in the way of writing would you enjoy the pen to paper effect more?

This is one of the greatest freedoms writing for wellbeing offers. An opportunity to leave behind the endless dos and don’ts of writing rules, that can trouble us, even decades after leaving school. When people discover therapeutic writing for the first time, it can be refreshing to hear that you are free to write however you please, sideways across the page or in red or purple ink.

Allow the pen to flow, pairing words that seem odd or create sentences that make sense to you, even if it’s just you.

Whether it’s journaling or morning pages you enjoy, why not take your writing further and try a short wellbeing course like Finding Purpose? It will help you to discover how to fill your life with joy and find daily delights in simple things. Think about living purposefully instead of searching for the endless purpose which brought you to this life in the first place.

After taking the course you might discover that your purpose is to write to make yourself feel good and that’s it. No great quest to embark on or a world in trouble to save.

Just you, the pen and your subconscious mind flowing onto the page.

Here’s an idea wellbeing and writing practitioner Kate McBarron shares in her uniquely designed Finding Purpose course.

Ponder on this question and answer it fully and honestly – What do I enjoy doing so much that I get completely lost in it?

It could be gardening, cooking or painting. Have you forgotten any of these joys because life and responsibilities got in the way? Can you find a gap in your week to reintroduce any of your forgotten gifts?

At the heart of doing what we truly enjoy acts as a serving. Whether it is planting a flower or painting one you are contributing to life itself.

So begin to think far and wide about your life purpose and know it’s really okay to serve yourself, the soil, the easel or whatever it might be, once it makes you happy.

Finding Purpose 4-week course opens online Monday 3rd July. If you haven’t already, start your writing journey today by joining the WriteWell Community.

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