We're celebrating writing for wellbeing!

We know that writing can support health and wellness in many different ways.

So we’re on a mission to raise awareness of this powerful, accessible and flexible self-care tool.

We’re teaming up with tutor Kate McBarron to create a book that brings together all that is wonderful about writing for wellbeing.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Tell us how writing has supported you and help us to spread the word about what #writingcan do. Share your experience via social media or using the contact form on this page.

You can send us as much or as little detail as you like, from just a sentence about why you value writing to a longer example of how writing has helped you. Have you ever written a gratitude list and found it uplifting? Perhaps you like to write letters or emails that connect you with loved ones. Or maybe you keep a journal or write poetry to release your emotions. If writing has supported you or given you a boost, let us know.

There are lots of ways to share your thoughts. Get in touch on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or using the contact form below.

We will check with you first before including anything you send us in our final book!

Have you used writing for your own wellbeing?

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Have you got a story to share about how writing has helped you?

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    When you get in touch with us via this contact form, we will not share your experiences – either on social media or in our final book – without checking with you first. If you wish, you can choose for anything we share to remain anonymous or you can instruct us to keep your experiences private (in which case we will use them purely to help us develop key themes for our book).

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