A Dog’s Reflection

It is said that each animal holds a human characteristic. The squirrel reflects busyness and efficiency. A badger is fearless and resourceful. The cat is independent and quiet, sometimes aloof too! So what does man’s most beloved pet, the dog, say about us? 

Dogs are more than pets. They are family members, loyal companions and fierce protectors. There are so many ways that dogs teach us to live well and here are just some of our favourites.

Mindful and present

Dogs teach us to be mindful, to pause frequently and take in our surroundings. They teach us to let go of our worries and be playful. 


Dogs bring us back into nature and help us connect with the natural world around us. 

Warm welcome

No matter how long we’ve been away from the house our dogs meet us at the front door bursting with joy and unconditional love.


Our furry friends above all else remind us that we are not alone, especially during difficult times. Even if no one else is around, their non-judgemental presence can soothe us in times of need and isolation. It is no surprise to hear that during the 2-year on/off lockdowns pets were in demand as people were opening their homes to all kinds of animals.

We’ve created a simple writing exercise to help you understand how your dog can reflect the best part of you. Give it a try  –

  1. Do you talk to your dog?
  2. Why not give it a go… 
  3. What is your dog saying to you by how she responds to your voice? Notice his facial expressions or how he moves when you speak. 
  4. Write a little conversation between the two of you based on what you observed. It can be a  very simple exchange. Why not try using a little humour.
  5. Did you enjoy trying something new? How did it make you feel?

Your Dog, Your Mirror 4-week course starts on Monday 25 July. You can secure your place on the course here

Try exploring a different type of therapeutic writing by connecting with your furry friend today.

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