The Power of a Writing Community

If you haven’t yet discovered WriteWell you are in for a treat. This therapeutic writing hub is bursting with colour, creativity and inspiration. It has an unrivalled collection of expert-led therapeutic writing classes – from everyday activities you can do on your commute to fixed-date four-week courses held in small groups.

Learn how to write yourself calmer, build better habits, become more self-aware or dip a toe into writing fiction, all in your own time and at your own pace. Meanwhile, one particularly exciting feature is our virtual wellbeing writing hour every Tuesday morning on Zoom. 

One of the great things about WriteWell is that you don’t have to look far to find your writing community. Each week, Claire, who lives and breathes wellness, blends her own wisdom and ideas into a writing hour that will leave you feeling more positive about life. It is a chance to set aside a little time to discover the writer within, even if you haven’t written a single creative word since leaving school. Just Write Together is a safe space with no judgement, only encouragement. It is a place to be vulnerable, to laugh out loud, to smile, to share or to remain totally anonymous behind your screen.

Whether you decide to share your writing with others in the group or not, rest assured you will find healing in the words you write. You’ll be surprised by the calm and peace that is felt just by listening to the words of others. The human experience is one of deep connectedness. When we write with a group a common bond is found and an experience shared. Through our conversations, we often find that we can help each other by offering advice on how to take our wellbeing further. That’s how friendships are formed.

At Just Write Together our writing often leads us into nature. Visual prompts are used as well as lines of poetry, ancient wisdom, affirmations, and mindfulness breathwork. The themes change from week to week. The short exercises produce some lovely prose to make us feel good and to inspire us also. 

Even when we are writing fiction, which is mostly inspired by our own life experiences, there is incredible power in reading your own words out loud. It can be so moving to hear what people write and can often bring up a spectrum of emotions.

Writing can be a solitary experience and yet when you connect with a network of writers it heightens the feel-good factor which is what writing for wellbeing is all about. If it’s the motivation you are looking for or indeed a set time to write each week, joining a writing group like Just Write Together is a must.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up to join us on Tuesdays at 10.45 am.

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