Big Picture, Small Lessons

If you were to stop and notice all of the small choices that wander by you day by day, you’d be amazed at how many decisions you’re making.

Are they right decisions or easy decisions? How many decisions are you making to please others and how many to nurture yourself?

The little things do add up. Individual choices, no matter how small, evolve into something bigger. Keeping your space tidy, doing your work well, investing in yourself by looking after your inner and outer world, resisting shortcuts, means life will look after itself without you having to do too much. Make no mistake, while the individual act is small, its cumulative impact is not.

“Wellbeing is realised by small steps, but is truly no small thing.” – Philosopher Zeno

Something to think about 


While we make decisions, energy is flowing to create outcomes. From those outcomes come learning curves and the small lessons teach us big things in life. It’s really okay to make mistakes along the way because in the mistakes we learn so much about ourselves. Can you recall a time when you were made to face consequences following a mistake made? It’s not easy facing our shortcomings. How did it feel once the dust settled and you were able to reflect? With some time in between can you look back now with fondness or laugh at your actions?

Now look to nature and focus on something which shows its vulnerability. At this time of year the leaves are falling to the ground and piling high, covering street drains. See the roads flood when the rain comes! Isn’t it interesting the way nature interacts with the workings of our world?


A writing exercise


Think about the journey of that leaf – where has it been? Who and what might it have encountered on its way to end up covering the drain on the street kerb

Take some time to read over what you’ve written and consider what the leaf went through to find itself stuck amongst the pile. Is it happy there or does it wish it took a different route?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this writing exercise which is all about building perspective and curiosity through writing.


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