This Too Shall Pass – a five-minute writing exercise

A simple writing for wellbeing exercise to help anyone going through a stressful change in their life - taken from Kate McBarron’s 4-week WriteWell course.

This too shall pass.

This familiar phrase dates all the way back to a 13th century Persian fable, and yet we still feel the relevance and comfort of its sentiment today.

It can help us bolster resolve when a situation is overwhelming or when we’re navigating a big change or struggling to make sense of the world – we know that the intensity of whatever we’re going through will pass.

Change is the one guarantee of the times we live in. WriteWell Community tutor Kate McBarron explains:

“Changes, whether they’re big or small, are often a source of stress in life. Even positive changes can create tension. And so, at those times, it’s more important than ever to look after ourselves. We need to practise self-care.”

Here’s a simple writing exercise from Kate which draws on this idea. You can do this in just 5 minutes with a pen and paper, a Word doc or the Notes app.

    • Think about a change you’re facing in your life
    • Read the quote again a few times: This too shall pass
    • Jot down some thoughts and write for around 3 minutes

Writing is an excellent way to check in with ourselves and a self-care activity in its own right.

Kate: “When we pick up a pen or sit down at a keyboard, we have the chance to escape from daily life and enter whole new worlds. We can declutter our minds, release tension, and free our creativity.”

This writing prompt is taken from WriteWell’s four-week online writing for wellbeing course, Navigating Change, led by author and academic Kate McBarronFind out more or come chat to us any time:

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