Writing for a better night’s sleep on World Sleep Day

When was the last time you had a good night's sleep?

Are you an overthinker and how do those looping thoughts impact you just as you are about to go to sleep? A good night’s sleep is important for our mental, physical and social wellbeing. Interrupted or disturbed sleep has a knock-on effect, playing with our emotions and energy. One way to help get a good night’s sleep is to outsource the worries and woes that have built up from the day into a nocturnal journal.

Stressing or worrying close to bedtime can stop your body from winding down. Why not try journaling your thoughts in the evening as part of a healthy bedtime routine? Start by writing down what you are grateful for from the day and what went well for you. If you are worried about something, write it out. It’s perfectly healthy to face the darker thoughts in our minds.

Ask yourself if there’s something within your control and from there take one small step to help alleviate the worry.

Watch how calmer you will feel and how easier it will be to fall asleep.

Writing therapeutic words onto the page also has the added benefit of boosting the immune system and aiding healing.

For those needing extra help falling back asleep after waking during the night, reach for your journal, or log in to WriteWell. There are soothing and relaxing prompts available 24/7 to help replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 

Focusing on your breathing also helps. Track your inhale and exhale from the forehead to the centre of the chest. This simple breathing technique allows the overthinking to fall away as you breathe your way into the present moment. The WriteWell  7-day mindfulness challenge which starts on Monday, March 27th guides you through this very simple yet powerful breathing technique.    

In addition, here’s a beautiful reminder of what we can do to help deal with the many emotions that affect our waking hours. If you are feeling…


Sad → Music

Stressed → Walk

Angry → Exercise

Burnt out → Read

Feeling lost → Pray

Tired → Nap

Anxious → Meditate

Overthinking → Write


Try Kate McBarron’s Feel Good In 3 in Everyday Activities on your Dashboard.

Register for the 7-day mindfulness challenge and learn how to meditate with Claire Maguire. Both are wellbeing practitioners and teachers in the field of writing and yoga.

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